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Change Door

I live in a house the main entrance door of which faces SE (146 degrees). According to the Eight House Theory, this is my Spook direction. Luckily for me, there is another means of entering & exiting the house, which is through the garage door. The garage door faces SW (237 Degrees). I use this garage door now as my main entrance door to offset the bad location/direction of the real main entrance.
My question is this: Is this move (using the garage door as the main entrance) sufficient? Is this all the "cure" I need to offset the ill effects of the SE door? If not, what other "cures" can I use or incorporate?

Frankly since you asked me for an opinion, what you have done is at a `superficial level'. It may turn out good (either by coincidence or luck is with you). The reason why I mentioned this is that in Feng Shui, we do not only `tackle' the main entrance door but look at the overall.

The " overall " can be have a few meanings here:-

Overall, if you are only considering one Feng Shui theory, that of the Eight house. My advise is that you should not change the direction of the main entrance just because is facing the ` Spook ' direction.

The reason why I mentioned this is because under the Eight House Theory, there is a " degree of " unsuitability of the house to the breadwinner. In this case, the two worst scenarios are where the `death' (Ranked 1st) and `disaster' line (Ranked 2nd) `enters' your main entrance door. In such a situation, the house is considered unsuitable for the owner.

You also need to check out how about the various bedrooms? Are the bedrooms favourable locations for you and your family members?

Currently if it is the `spook' direction, if you do not apply any other Feng Shui theory, then you can consider a simple overview of `changing' your main door to the garage door. But here, be careful because you can be either very lucky or unlucky. if it happens that under the Flying Star Chart, everything changes because of the main entrance door. What I mean is that if you are not sure what is the result of whether, the Flying Star Chart becomes better or worse, then you have to take a so called 50-50 chance and hopes that the second option works.

What I mention is not compulsory thou. You can still continue to use the Eight House Theory and base on your intuition to do the necessary changes. There are other considerations where in Feng Shui, since you may not be aware of your Pillars of Destiny main element and strength you do not know whether it is better to change the main door to SW and thus resulting a change of the house to a Metal element house. Again, this may work out to be good or bad for you. Here you may have to take another 50-50 chance.

What I am trying to show is that you can either use the `scientific' method of Feng Shui or without analysis, go with your feelings. I therefore can only advise you up to this point.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
March 1999



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