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I would like to know more about the tortoise which is supposed to improve our fengshui.

Overall, there are two main areas with regards to the tortise:-

1. The Four Symbolic Animals Principle url: Four Symbolic Animals

There is a detailed write-up on the four symbolic animals principle where the principle is very simple, for the tortise, it represents `rock steady' or a `solid backing' or support. The purpose of this principle is that for a home / office etc. there should be a `solid back' and it is inauspicious to have a water course / canal etc.. behind's one house. Artificial `tortise' behind one's house include a brick wall, a fence with creepers/ bushes/ plants or simply planting trees.

Another important concept here is that the Phoenix or bird should be always `in front'. What this means is that a bird should be able to fly freely in an open space. Water is also good at the front (but not stagnant water). Since there is water at the front, nothing can be built over it so the space in-front has a good view. this promotes good Qi. For more information, do go to the above url to read the article.

2. Tortise objects

I am not sure if you have read an earlier article at this url : Click here The title is " The Lo Shu Square : The legend of the Giant Tortise " If you have not read it, do find out more. In fact, the magic square written on the back of the Lo Shu Square is the basis of how both the Flying Star Theory (dynamic considers time dimension) and the Eight House Theory is applied using it.

You can also find torises swimming in Chinese Temples as tortise represent longevity.

But do be careful of rocks with undefined shapes in the garden which may represent `bad influences'. Particular;y, if it is shaped with an open mouth aimed at your house.

Similarly, if one places rock tortises in the garden, do not have them with open mouths unless the open mouths have something in them e.g. a `gem stone' etc. such objects will bring calamity to the people living in the house.

3. Eight Associations or Eight Aspirations or Life Associations.

Under this general theory, the career section is considered to be at the North. If there are no inauspicious Feng Shui stars e.g. under the Flying Star theory, some people place living tortise or teripins at either the North (water element). If there is a `need' to enhance the wood element at South East or East (wood element). An aquarium or tortise is used at these locations. ( Note: Under the 5 elements concept, Water helps to produces Wood). Again, I like to caution that this is a very GENERAL theory of Feng Shui.

Some do not want to rear tortise, so one can also buy paper weights of a tortise and if under the Flying Star Theory, there is a mountain star (the condition is that there must be a solid wall at this location) , one can place a tortise `paperweight' to represent a `mountain'. Remember the 4 symbolic animals theory?

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
March 1999



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