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Controversial Topics

Controversial Topics

The author's view is that for any controversial subject; there are always two camps. More weight should be given to:-

1. Who wrote the article? A Feng Shui Master? or Practioner? The advice is to give more weight to a `reputable' Feng Shui Master or Author. (Many readers I feel are too trusting of whatever is said.. I guess this is natural and thus equate all Feng Shui practioners as = Masters. This is a fallacy. A Feng Shui Practioner is not as experienced as a Feng Shui Master.)

2. We should try to discount "one-sided" views or those that simply critise others and they themselves are NOT Feng Shui Masters. It is easier to critise others only.


1. Can Feng Shui be applied to the Southern Hemisphere without modifications?

The general consensus is that there is NO need to modify for the Southern Hemisphere! Do read on.

a. Master Joseph Yu of says "Yes. There is no need to modify the conventional technique". To read more about his reasons, please Click here.

c. Ray Harris shares the same view that there is no need to modify the conventional technique. Click here to read Ray refute the `Southern School claim'.

His views (from the above article) are as follows:-

The 'Southern' School can be regarded as false for the following reasons.
1. The climate argument does not apply to all climates of a given hemisphere.
2. The seasonal associations of the Ba Gua are only coincidental for temperate zones in the Northern Hemisphere. They must therefore be regarded as incidental and not primary associations.
3. The altered Ba Gua places Li in the position of magnetic and celestial north, which is directly contrary to their traditional meaning.
4. The traditional associations remain valid when considered globally.
5. The 'Southern' School contains logical absurdities.
6. No conclusive proof has been offered to validate the different 'Southern' theories. They therefore remain mere hearsay.
7. The advocates of the 'Southern' School have not provided a consensus system. Each advocate has their own variation, some of which seriously contradict each other.

d. Ray Harris article 2 is an excerpt of his correspondence with Lindy Baxter with his point-by-point rebuttal over the `flawed' Southern Hemisphere model.

After you have read his second article 2, Ray Harris states that he and Master Yu does not agree with the views given by the two of the major proponents of the Southern Hemisphere School. (Lindy Baxter and Roger Green).

e. Lindy Baxter is a Feng Shui teacher in Sydney, Australia. Is one of the two main proponents of the Southern School. Her webpage is at Click here.

f. John Mausolf in his webpage believes that there is a difference in Feng Shui for the Southern Hemisphere. Click here to hear his views.  


2. Is the pakua (or bakua, 8 sided trigram) effective to deflect adverse `sha' or bad-vibes?

Click here to hear the author's summary of various views on this topic.

Click here for another view point. 


3. The black hat of Feng Shui: The Confession of Lin Yun




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