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Major Feng Shui Theories

Nine Periods

The Nine Periods of Feng Shui Time Cycle

Picture of a Chinese Duke

An illustration of Chinese Calendar Time Periods

The 9 periods of the Chinese calendar originated from the 9 numbers on the back of the Giant  tortise. Each period consists of 20 years.

1 Cycle of the lunar calendar consists of 180 years :

An illustration showing the 9 Calendar Periods

Each cycle is divided into 3 groups: Upper, Middle and Lower. Each group comprise 3 periods. Each  period is 20 years.

We are now in the Period 7 of the lower period.

In seven years time (2004), we will  be entering PERIOD 8.

Each of the 9 periods have a number  each and in this period (from 1984 to 2003),  the reigning number is 7. This number is said to be auspicious and  bring luck and good fortune if you include it i.e. telephone number, car number, house number etc..



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