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Members Benefit

What are the BENEFITS of being a My Feng Shui Member?

  • The FIRST FREE ADVICE FORUM was set-up through the vision of Cecil Lee in 1996 with the mission of promoting Authentic Traditional Feng Shui.
  • When the original forum grew tremendously, we had to sourced for a `heavy-duty' battle tested forum engine in 1998 to cope with today's demands of a user-friendly and large membership. Since 1998, membership of this new forum is also FREE.
  • Why FREE? Since we had started the forum, Cecil Lee has been committed to helping many people understand and appreciate the true art & science of Authentic Traditional Feng Shui. He continues to do so today even today, despite his busy schedule!
  • Members can opt to log-in to the website forum or alternatively `listen' in and participate through a Mailing List. Just like receiving and replying to messages through your personal e-mail program anytime at your convenience!
  • Guest Users are limited to listening in and see for themselves the various advice posted into the forum. But are not permitted to post any message or participate in the forum.
  • Why not Sign Up for a FREE Professional Feng Shui Advice from Cecil Lee who has over 20 years  experience and a vast knowledge on Feng Shui and all things Chinese through our My Adviser Forum - FREE Advice Forum.
  • Today, and for over more than 6 years, the forum has become a trusted friend to many long time members in the forum. Cecil Lee continues to give comprehensive and sound advice. Look what you are missing today!
  • Join the several thousands of people who have benefited in one way or another from our detailed and comprehensive advice.
  • You can also immediately start to do a SEARCH in the forum for nearly any question or subject!
  • If you are interested in learning, the Forum has an extensive amount of resources all from REAL LIFE Experiences covering a wide range of topics. Best of all the library of resources is FREE!
  • In addition, as a Member, you can start to use MANY of the FREE Feng Shui Analysis Reports (all of which were created specifically for our own professional consultation use and are available on-the-fly when you generate your personalised reports!).

    The table below shows a sample of many of the Analysis Tools used mostly by professional Feng Shui Consultants who may otherwise charge you for their service. But being a Member, you get to enjoy the personalised reports absolutely FREE.




 - Life Association Sectors
 - Gua (Kua) Number
 - 4 good & 4 bad directions
 - Horoscope Sign
 - Personal Characteristics
 - Personal Element
 - Suitabilty to your House
 - Best Sleep Position
 - Best Study Position
 - Best Work Position
 - Best Bedroom Location

 - Is your Apt. No Auspicious
 - Professional House Analysis
 - House Hunting Report

 - Compare for incompatibility
 - Auspicious Dates for
     Marriage / Moving House /
     Important Dates

 - Summarised Group Analysis

  • What this all means is that with the on-line tools plus the Free Adviser Forum, you can get FREE very personalised answers to help you to understand and learn more about yourself, your family, your wealth, your health, your fortune and more!




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